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60% Increase in Charitable Contribution for 2015

New Roots Herbal’s Choose to Care program is proud to announce that our charitable contributions have reached $203 500 in 2015! The charitable donations took different forms this year; our Choose to Care program has donated over $124 000 to our highly reputable partner organizations.

Moreover, in October 2015, New Roots Herbal was able to donate the retail value of $79 500 in the form of a little more than ten thousand 500 ml bottles of Red Palm Fruit Oil to the Purolator Tackle Hunger program, which works closely with food banks across Canada to help alleviate hunger across the nation.

In reality, in excess of 10% of Canadians begin each week uncertain where their meals will be coming from. According to Food Banks Canada, approximately 850,000 people rely on food banks every month.

New Roots Herbal’s commitment to Canadian communities has always been a priority, and being able to support programs such as Purolator Tackle Hunger is among our core values. New Roots Herbal’s mission is to manufacture products that will enable people to lead healthy lives. By donating Red Palm Fruit Oil, we aren’t only helping in eliminating hunger: we’re providing a rich, healthy choice for Canadians.

Red Palm Fruit Oil helps to reduce risks of many diseases, boosts metabolism, and is richer in vitamins A and E when compared to other plant based oils.

We are thrilled to know that many Canadians who rely on food banks each month will be able to take advantage of all the benefits of New Roots Herbal’s Red Palm Fruit Oil.

purolator tackle hunger with Choose to care
purolator tackle hunger